The reason customers choose us every day

The way we operate can be summarised in four main values. These values are the reasons why thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide have placed their trust in us for the last 40 years.

Technology and Innovation

Advanced technology fascinates us and we are proud that our customers can benefit from it. We are committed to the continuous creation of innovation to improve our solutions.

Passion and Commitment

Our customers put their utmost into their work, and so do we. This means working with passion. We are positive that the best results can only be achieved with commitment and enthusiasm.

Dialogue and Solutions

We listen before we speak. We analyse requirements and meet them with the solution that suits each customer the most. We use our range of products and services for this, which is the widest in this field.

Social and environmental responsibility

Having a positive impact on our employees, partners, customers, shareholders, the community and the environment has always been an important goal for our Group. The environmental, social and governance agenda (ESG) plays a central role in our daily engagement and is an integral part of our strategy.

As part of this commitment, we provide solutions that combine productivity and sustainability - Green Means for Manufacturing.

Green Means: our vital spark

To us, "Green" means fighting climate change by investing in innovation, by providing eco-friendly products that reduce consumption and emissions, by designing to ensure customers always have a positive and healthy experience, and by investing in the future and in sustainable systems.

Circular economy

The use of additive metal manufacturing technologies allows us to embrace the paradigm of circular economy, thanks to technology that saves resources, but also repairs metal parts with high added value. This means we are able to reduce waste, redesign and repair components and give new value, while also recycling parts that return to their original performance without needing to produce new ones. Finally, the additive manufacturing process means you use the material that is needed, while recycling the part not used in new productions.

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