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Prima Power people

The Prima Industrie Group wishes to enter in contact with people able to share our values, with a true passion for  innovation and a strong will to develop their skills.

Our attention is oriented to all the competence fields:

  • Technical and Scientific, for Research, Innovations and Product Development areas
  • Economic, for Finance, Administration and Control areas
  • Commercial, for Marketing, Sales and After-Sales areas
  • Management, for Production, Project Management, Purchasing, Logistic, Quality, Safety and Human Resources areas

The prerequisites, independently from the searched position, are:

  • Knowledge of English language: we are an International Company. We need and want to communicate with everybody around the world.
  • Travelling availability: we have sites and Customers in many countries. We need and want to be where our competence is required.
  • Attitude to change: our reference markets are dynamic. We need and want to respond quickly to their needs.

Other specific features will be highlighted in the announcements dedicated to vacancies.

What we would like to find in the younger candidates?

  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Desire to learn


What we would like to find in the more experienced candidates?

  • Will to share their knowledge
  • Ability to be an example for the younger
  • Continuous desire to learn


If you recognise yourself in these features we would like to know you better. Please send us your Curriculum Vitae using the form “Work with us” on top of this page.

Thank you

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If you are interested in joining our team, send us your CV.

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