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Prima Industrie’s activities are focused in three sectors:

  • laser and sheet metal machinery, with Prima Power division
  • electronics and laser technologies, with Prima Electro division
  • additive manufacturing solutions, with Prima Additive division

The Group’s experience in these sectors is extended and deep.

The two brands which have merged into Prima Power have made the history of this sector. Prima Industrie is an historical and undisputed leader in 5-axis laser machines for the processing of 3D sheet metal components. Finn-Power has a strong history and positioning in punching and bending systems and an acknowledged specialist in servo electric technology

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The same is true for electronics and laser technology sector. Prima Electronics has been operating in the field of dedicated industrial electronics for more than 30 years and Osai is a long established brand of numerical controls, while Convergent Lasers’ roots can be traced back to the invention of the laser in 1960.

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Born in 2018, Prima Additive is the new and dynamic division of Prima Industrie which develops, manufactures, sales and distributes industrial metal Additive Manufacturing systems. Prima Additive is among the very few manufacturers and distributors worldwide that offers both of the relevant Laser Additive Manufacturing technologies namely: Powder Bed Fusion and Laser Metal Deposition.