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BlechExpo 2015

BlechExpo 2015

4 November 2015

Prima Power participates at BlechExpo, Stuttgart, Germany, from 3 to 6 November

At BlechExpo, held in Stuttgart from 3 to 6 November, Prima Power presented its new “Genius” machines. Laser Genius, Punch Genius and Combi Genius are the latest developments in 2D fiber technology, in punching and in combined punching/fiber laser cutting. Genius innovative line is the excellence of Prima Power technology featuring outstanding productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Important innovations were exhibited in the bending line as well: the new FBe5 and eP2040 with advanced features designed to improve our customers’ benefits.

Also the new design of Prima Power machines made its world premiere at BlechExpo. All products were showcased with their new modern, accurate and appealing style, always focused on ergonomics and functionality.

Here’s some pictures from BlechExpo 2015