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Power Line

Power Line è una pubblicazione distribuita a clienti, potenziali clienti, dipendenti, distributori, fornitori e amici di Prima Power. Lo staff di Power Line sarà felice di ricevere commenti e idee per le prossime pubblicazioni.


14 luglio 2017

Power Line – July 2017


  • Management Corner: Industry 4.0: A Fascinating New World
  • Customer Profile: Elevator Company’s Productivity Reaching New Heights with Laser Genius
  • Industry Event: Prima Power Hosts Metal Furniture Industry Event
  • Software: Production Management Software Process
  • Customer Profile: Laser-Punch Heats Up Production at KeepRite Refrigeration
  • Product Feature: Shear Genius at 30… The evolution of innovative sheet metal fabrication technology
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Lasers Increase Speed & Quality for Chinese Automobile Parts Supplier
  • Customer Profile: Investment in the Future Pays Dividends for Southeast Contract Manufacturer
  • Open House: Prima Power China Showcases the Latest Product Developments at Open House
  • Tradeshow: Lamiera 2017: Prima Power’s Complete Range for the New 4.0 Era
  • Customer Profile: Platino Laser Helps Italian Agriculture Machine Manufacturer Increase Quality & Productivity
  • Customer Profile: UK Company Discovers New Dimensions in Forming with Prima Power eP-1030 Press Brake
  • New Product: LASERDYNE 606D Users Report Triple Productivity Gains
  • Customer Profile: Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components Using LASERDYNE Multi-Axis Laser Machining Systems
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6 dicembre 2016

Power Line – December 2016


  • Management Corner: Connecting with Our Customers
  • Customer Profile: Fiber Laser & FastBend Spark – Product Redesign Savings
  • Trade Show: Prima Power at EuroBLECH 2016
  • Trade Show: FABTECH 2016
  • Prima Power China Shines During MWCS 2016
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Laser Gives Stead & Wilkins the Cutting Edge
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Machines Allow Tian Xiang to Meet Challenging Goals of Made in China 2025 Plan
  • Customer Profile: Shear Genius Opens the Door to Higher Productivity at LaForce Inc.
  • Prima Power Vision on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Customer Profile: Shear Brilliance Delivers Higher Quality and Productivity to Finnish Manufacturer
  • Customer Profile: Investment in Automation Forms Success for Canadian Manufacturer
  • New Product: The Power of Two: Changing How Turbine Engines are Manufactured
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4 luglio 2016

Power Line – July 2016


  • Prima Power Management Corner: Welcome to Our New Headquarters & Tech Center
  • New Product: BCe Smart by Prima Power…The Smart Panel Bender That Increases Your Productivity
  • Prima Industrie Opens New Headquarters & Technology Center
  • Customer Profile: Changing the Way the World Cooks
  • New Product: Prima Power Develops Fiber Laser Source
  • New Product: New Look…New Performance
  • Platino Fiber Laser Makes the Cut at West Coast Job Shop
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Automates Laser Cutting At MTI
  • Customer Profile: Close Collaboration Makes Prima Power the Supplier of Choice at PAB
  • Software: NC Express e3 & MasterBend CAM
  • Customer Profile: Punching on Demand
  • Customer Profile: LPBB Quality & Flexibility…Best Solution for Finnish Manufacturer
  • Innovation: Italian Manufacturing Innovation Takes Center Stage at i3 Forum in Chicago
  • Customer Profile: ABB Automates Sheet Metal Fabrication Operations with Prima Power Equipment
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30 novembre 2015

Power Line – December 2015


  • Management Corner: Three Trade Shows…and a Genius Idea
  • Customer Profile: Diversity & Automation are Keys to Success for Florida Contract Manufacturer
  • Customer Profile: When Laser is Synonymous with Flexibility
  • New Product: Laser Genius… Amazing Performance & User Friendly
  • Customer Profile: Remarkable Results Through Prima Power Investments
  • Blechexpo International Trade Fair
  • FABTECH 2015 & Open House
  • Shanghai MWCS Exhibition
  • Customer Profile: Evolving Technology Helps Family Job Shop Compete
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Night Train Delivers the Ultimate in Automation at Nuaire
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Provides Ideal Climate for Groupe Atlantic
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Laserdyne Fiber Lasers – A Leap of Faith for Paradigm Precision
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16 luglio 2015

Power Line – July 2015


  • Management Corner – Together We Grow: Sharing Our Success with Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders
  • Customer Profile – Unison Clears the Air on Automating Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • New Product – Platino 2.0 Fiber: Tailored to Your Application
  • New Facility – Successful Opening Ceremony for New China Plant
  • Product Application – Punch it, Laser-cut it, or Something Else? The Sequel
  • New Product – Laser Next: The New 3D Laser System for Automotive Production
  • Customer Profile – Automation: A Game Changer for Italian Manufacturer
  • Flexible Automation – Flexible Automation in Sheet Metal Processing
  • Customer Profile – Shear Genius Cells Are the Recipe for Higher Productivity at Imperial Cooking Equipment
  • Customer Profile – Flexible FastBend Increases Production in the Land Down Under
  • Product Development – Carbon Fiber Machine Structure: Shear Brilliance!
  • Open House – Finland Hosts Technology Tour and Manufacturing Days
  • Open House – “500th” Panel Bender Celebrated at Cologna Veneta Open House
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11 dicembre 2014

Power Line – December 2014


  • Management Corner – Autumn’s Events: Good Outcome and Positive Mood
  • Customer Profile – Growing Pains Eased with Automation
  • Trade Show – Turning Heads at EuroBLECH
  • Trade Show – MWCS Exhibition in Shanghai
  • Software – EuroBLECH 2014, Strongest Software Presence Than Ever Before
  • Trade Show – FABTECH 2014
  • Focus on Tooling – Mate Precision Tooling’s New Press Brake Line
  • Custcomer Profile – Prima Power Lasers and Servo-Electric Technology Boost Productivity
  • Focus on Tooling – Minimize Errors with New Sheet Marking Solution from Wilson Tool
  • Customer Profile – From the Sheet to Final Assembly
  • Customer Profile – Halton Marine Hosts Prima Power Customer Day in Finland
  • New Product – Prima Power Fiber Laser Now Available in Capacities up to 5kW
  • Focus on Tooling – Wila’s Smart Tool Locator®
  • Customer Profile – Platino Laser Opens Door to New Markets
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9 luglio 2014

Power Line – July 2014


  • What Makes Us Different – “Next to You”
  • Refrigeration Company Warms Up To Fiber Laser Technology
  • Wilson Tool Introduces V-Series™ Black Press Brake Dies
  • FABTECH Canada Sets Record Attendance
  • Servo-Electric Technology Increases Productivity for Canadian Manufacturer
  • Experience…in the Realm of Absolute Quality
  • Mate’s Versadie™ Optimizes Slitting Operations
  • Prima Power Technology Showcase in Finland
  • CNC-Deephardening® it’s Wila Technology To The Core!
  • Flexibility & Modularity with Prima Power at Giennoise de Chaudronnerie
  • Servo-Electric Equipment Increases Productivity, Flexibility, and Accuracy
  • LAMIERA 2014
  • FinnTec 2014
  • Systemair – Twenty Years with Shear Genius®
  • Maximizing the Bend
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2 dicembre 2013

Power Line – December 2013


  • Tech Tips: Sheet Metal Quality Affects Your Bottom Line
  • Prima Industrie Strengthens Presence In China
  • Altec Automates for Increased Productivity
  • Russian Ventilation Company Achieves a Breakthrough in Production Development
  • Blechexpo 2013
  • FABTECH 2013
  • The Sounds of Quality & Productivity
  • Belgian Company Rides The Night Train Into The Future
  • Mate’s VariBend™ Helps Expand the Use of the Turret
  • Enhancing Your Shop Floor From The Office
  • Franke Foodservice Systems Discovers Flexible Bending with Prima Power
  • Wila’s “American Vintage” Tooling System
  • Distortion-Free Embossing with the Wilson Wheel® Rolling Forge
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31 luglio 2013

Power Line – July 2013


  • Tech Tips: Maximizing productivity in your Prima Power turret punch press
  • Management Corner: The year of the three birthdays
  • Customer Profile: new opportunities created through flexible automation
  • Prima Power Technology Days
  • Customer Profile: Riding the Night Train to higher productivity
  • Customer Profile: Building a better box
  • Blech India 2013
  • Customer Profile: it all begins with a good machine
  • Product Highlight: Prima Power PSBB
  • Customer Profile: Platino lasers increase accuracy and product line for radiator manufacturer
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31 dicembre 2012

Power Line – December 2012


  • Tech Tips: Long-Term Care Tips for Your Machine & System
  • Management Corner: New Opportunities…New Solutions
  • The Heat Is On – FAST BEND Boosts Productivity
  • EuroBLECH 2012
  • FABTECH 2012
  • Subcontractor to the Automotive Stars
  • Rising to New Heights with Prima Power Platino Laser
  • New Technology & Training Center in China
  • Platino Fiber Laser – Efficient & Flexible: Texas High Precision Job Shop Automates to Boost Productivity
  • Laserdyne Systems Provide Faster Turnaround Advantage to Contract Manufacturer
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31 luglio 2012

Power Line – July 2012

  • Tech Tips: 3D Editor for Prima Power 3D Lasers
  • A New Organization to Better Serve a Global Market
  • Sub-Zero Warms Up to Flexible Fabrication
  • Premier Group Uses Prima Power Lasers for the 2012 Olympic Torch
  • Italian Technology Roams Paris Streets
  • Platino Fiber Laser Makes the Cut at HVAC Manufacturer
  • E Series Excellence – New Servo Electric Turret Punch Press
  • Office Software: Bridging the Gap
  • Upgrade Brings Energy Costs Down
  • Pioneering a New Way of Doing Electronics
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31 dicembre 2011

Power Line – December 2011

  • Tech Tips for Cell Control Management
  • Meeting the Challenge
  • Advanced Automation Enhances Production Culture at Siemens
  • Acquiring New Markets with Lasers
  • How to Optimize the Performance of CNC Punch Press Tooling in 6 Easy Steps
  • Prima Power Makes an Impact at FABTECH 2011
  • Prima Power Hosts Open House During FABTECH
  • Italian Night@ FABTECH
  • Laser Systems Lower Labor Costs While Increasing Productivity
  • In Pursuit of Productivity
  • Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components with Prima Power Laserdyne
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31 luglio 2011

Power Line – July 2011

  • Tips & Techniques for the New Punch/Shear Machines
  • Prima Industrie and Finn-Power Become Prima Power
  • Betting the House on Success
  • Tooling Solutions Designed to Help Increase Efficiency
  • Office Furniture Manufacturer Discovers Flexible Manufacturing
  • FABTECH Mexico
  • BlechExpo 2011
  • Got a Deep Part to Bend?
  • The Long and Short of Laser Cutting
  • Creative Solutions for Fabricating Challenges
  • World-Class Fabrication
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