First and foremost, Prima Power

The name of the Prima Industrie Group Machinery Business Unit is Prima Power. It specialises in laser and sheet metal processing machines and systems qnd has one of the most vast ranges in the industry, covering every application: laser processing, punching, combined punching/shearing and punching/laser, bending, automation.

Prima Power's family of servo-electric machines for punching, bending and integrated processes is the largest in the world. It includes the most advanced electrical solutions to reduce consumption and environmental impact and it is marketed under the slogan "Energy in Efficient Use".

Prima Power is the world-leading supplier of 3D laser machinery, which is widely used in the automotive, aerospace and energy, agricultural machinery and domestic appliance sectors. Prima Power is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of 2D laser machines and produces advanced high-performance machines that are used in the most diverse industrial sectors.

All Prima Power products are Industry 4.0 Inside and allow you to exploit the digital production potential to the full.

Customer services are an important part of Prima Power business and are meant to provide professional, dedicated and effective support to each and every customer across the world.

Prima Power's customer-oriented approach is evident from the breadth and modularity of its automation solutions for the production process. From loading/unloading/stacking to the most sophisticated Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) which automate the entire production process, from sheet metal to folded and finished products.

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