Reliability and precision: laser technology serving constantly evolving markets

Operating in the market since the early sixties, Convergent Laser joined our Prima Industrie group in 2011, becoming what is now known as Convergent Photonics. Thanks to the vast experience acquired in various production sectors, with over 6000 sources installed worldwide in the last 25 years, Convergent Photonics develops and tailors custom solutions with high technological content alongside OEMs.

The Convergent Photonics family of laser sources (Diodes, Hybrids, Fibre) guarantees high efficiency and reliability through its compact, modular design and can easily be integrated with the system.  Equipped with specific options for various applications, such as remotely controlled sensors (IoT) and back reflection risk protection devices, Convergent Photonics lasers are now also being used in the medical and aesthetic sector for minimally invasive applications in several medical specialities, such as urology, general and aesthetic surgery.

In 2015, Convergent Photonics inaugurated its Italian centre for the development and production of pumping diodes up to 250W for industrial applications and up to 100W for medical applications, becoming the only producer of Made in Italy lasers and diodes.

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