What we call "team work”

Our group activities focus on four main sectors:

  • laser and sheet metal processing machinery, with Prima Power
  • embedded industrial electronics, with Prima Electro
  • laser sources for industrial and medical applications, with Convergent Photonics
  • metal additive manufacturing solutions, with Prima Additive

Prima Power is a world leader in the construction of laser machines for the processing of two and three-dimensional components and has also acquired a strong market position in punching and bending systems. It is also a renowned specialist in servo electric technology for energy efficiency.

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Prima Electro was founded in 1978 as a satellite of Prima Progetti. It specialises in industrial automation design with a strong propensity for the integration of mechanics, electronics and software. 

It gradually developed its own identity and this was consolidated through the conquest of new markets and significant external acquisitions. As a highly strategic technological partner, Prima Electro now translates customer ideas into "turnkey" finished products for different application markets, advocating itself as a one-stop-shop for any companies who fancy implementing the performance of their systems with customised electronic solutions .

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Operating in the market since the early sixties, Convergent Laser joined the Prima Industrie group in 2011, becoming what is now known as Convergent Photonics.

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Founded in 2018, Prima Additive is the new and dynamic Prima Industrie unit that develops, produces, sells and distributes industrial systems for metal Additive Manufacturing applications. Prima Additive is among the few manufacturers and distributors in the world to offer the best Laser technologies for Additive Manufacturing: Powder Bed Fusion and Direct Energy Deposition.

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