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Electronics & laser sources


Prima Electro is a leading specialist in electronics, numerical controls and laser sources. It was born in 1978 as a satellite of Prima Industrie, but soon Prima Electro increased its own design capacity and became increasingly independent in the strategic selection of its clients. Gradually, it developed its own identity and consolidated it by conquering new markets and making some important external acquisitions.

In the first months of 2007 Prima Electro completed the acquisition of MLTA, a company specialised in power electronics and applications in the transport sector. In July 2007 it acquired 100% ownership of OSAI, a long-standing CNC brand. Now, the recent acquisition of Convergent Lasers is also making Prima Electro one of the key players in the industrial laser market.

Prima Electro is a company that grows together with its customers. It shares the risks, successes and business strategies. It has extensive technological know-how and shares it with clients’ technical entities. It manages all the development and manufacturing stages of a project and takes on the associated responsibilities. It is endowed with integrity, strength of will and passion and knows how to invest these in long-lasting relationships, in upgrading its products and in long-term support.

With DOTS, Prima Electro is pioneering a new way of doing electronics. DOTS is proposing technologically advanced solutions, designed and tailored to clients’ specifications and applications, but with the same level of industrialisation as any standard commercial product. It is a business model suitable for several industrial sector, that combines the ability to offer dedicated solutions with a fast time-to-market and competitive costs.

With the acquisition of OSAI, Prima Electro has become the reference international leader for applications in glass, wood and stone. OSAI has passed down to Prima Electro the prestige, technologies and markets of a brand that made the history of CNC. A history dating as far back as 1957, from metal processing within Officine Meccaniche Olivetti to then expand into a variety of diversified market segments where OSAI has become a key player for applications requiring dedicated CNC solutions with special functions.

Today, this experience is integrated in the business model of Prima Electro, geared towards an industrial-grade product offering at competitive costs and with a fast time-to-market.

With the acquisition of CONVERGENT LASERS, Prima Electro has extended its foothold in the sector and has inherited the challenge of ongoing research, launched by a historical heritage of innovations that have left an indelible mark on the evolutionary steps of laser technology and its manufacturing applications. Nowadays in Prima Electro, CONVERGENT LASERS can continue to explore the realms of industrial processing applications as a pioneer and leader.