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Hi-Tek Manufacturing Co | Manufacturing Engineering (special: Aerospace & Defence)

High-Tech Lasers at Hi-Tek Manufacturing

Hi-Tek's Laserdyne 795XL fiber laser has capability to maintain ±2% airflow variation on a new generation of aerospace engine components, where ±10% had been the norm.

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Imperial Cooking Equipment | PowerLine

Shear Genius Cells at Imperial Cooking Equipment

Since it inception in 1957, Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment, Corona, CA, has remained a family-owned company whose mission is to be the preferred global supplier of high-quality, top-value cooking equipment to the food-service industry. Matt Wise, general manager, has a long and successful history with the Prima Power Shear Genius integrated punch/shear cell. He purchased the first two Shear Genius cells in 1996, and replaced them with the newest generation of servo-electric Shear Genius Models in 2013 and 2014.

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Paradigm Precision (Florida, US) | Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Laser Precision for Aerospace Components

A manufacturer of complex machined and fabricated components for the aerospace industry, Paradigm Precision, partners with laser machine specialist Prima Power Laserdyne for high-precision applications.

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Unison Comfort Technologies | Prima Power Power Line

Unison Clears the Air on Automating Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unison Comfort Technologies was established in 2010 as the parent organization of Innovent, Valent, and Precision Coils. The company mission is to deliver products that reduce energy consumption and building operational costs. They looked at high speed punch presses, different types of lasers, and combination machines. Ultimately they decided on the Prima Power PSBB Line. They discovered that they could most easily maintain single part flow with the PSBB line, eliminate all the in-between processing handling time, and also reduce WIP.

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C.L.A | Lamiera

From the sheet to the final assembling

To maximize its competitiveness level in the supply of air treatment units, a company located in Sondrio makes use of the flexibility and productivity of a high-performance line that processes sheet metal starting from an automatic magazine, up to the production of bent parts.

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PAB Fabrications Ltd, U.K | International Sheet Metal

Form and finish

PAB's manufacturing process starts with laser and punching technology to produce the blank, which is then passed on for bending and trimming to the finished shape.

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SUSTA Srl | Tecnologie Meccaniche

Stampare italiano

Progettare e costruire stampi in Italia con macchine utensili esclusivamente italiane. Il "made in Italy" trova la sua massima espressione in SUSTA, dive si producono stampi per il settore auto. Merito anche dell'impianto per il taglio laser in fibra di Prima Power, tra i pi recenti investimenti dell'azienda abruzzese.

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Champion Tool Storage | CNC West

Maximizing the Bend

A leading manufacturer of high-quality tool boxes reduces setup times while dramatically increasing quality with Prima Power press brakes.

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Flexfab | Shop MetalworkingTechnology

Filing PROFIT$

Quebec office product manufacturer's investment in servo electric technology boosts productivity

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Traulsen | PowerLine

Refrigeration company warms up to laser technology

Traulsen has earned a premier name in refrigeration for the foodservice market. Over the years, the company has consistently expanded its range of top-of-the-line refrigeration for the worldwide food equipment market. Traulsen customers include restaurants, institutions, schools, hotels, hospitals, casinos, cruise ships, football stadiums, and other markets.

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Cecomp (IT) | Tecnolamiera

Higher productivity with laser machines

Quality of the prducts and ability to answer customers' needs. These are the main factors at the base of the partnership between Prima Power and Cecomp, a Group providing a wide range of dedicated services for the construction of style models and the small series production of complete new vehicles. (Article in Italian)

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Viessmann (DE) | BBR

Boiler insulation made easy

The increasing discussion about energy efficiency has long since also reached the heating sector. Wherever hot water or steam is required, increasing fuel costs make it necessary to isolate pipes and boiler systems as completely as possible. And the boilers must look good afterwards. This is the reason why managers at Viessmann Industriekessel in Brandenburg's Mittelwalde decided to modernize the production of the required sheet metal parts. (Article in German)

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Systemair | PowerLine

Twenty years with Shear Genius

In 2011, Systemair was looking for possibilities to replace the first Shear Genius units and to refurbish the existing Night Train system. Prima Power, with its sweden based dealer Din Maskin AB, was able to propose the newly-introduced servo-electric SG.

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Badalini (IT) | Lamiera

Badalini, earth moving machines manufacturer, uses Prima Power laser machines

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of earth moving machinery, Badalini further optimizes its manufacturing processes thanks to a new laser cutting machine by Prima Power. (Article in Italian)

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LaForce, Inc. | Metal Forming Magazine

Punch-Shear a Labor Saver

Shear and punch fabrication of sheet metal parts at custom door manufacturer LaForce, Inc. more than triples thanks to implementation of a new servo-electric punch-shear combination machine. In 1954, Joe LaForce purchased a modest hardware-supply business in downtown Green Bay, WI. Today, his company, LaForce, Inc. has evolved into one of the largest U.S. distributors of commercial doors, frames, and hardware and building specialties. Its products can be found in a variety of office buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, schools, retail outlets and sports stadiums.

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Giennoise de Chaudronnerie | MŽtal Industrie

Flexibility & Modularity with Prima Power at Giennoise de Chaudronnerie

The development of a precision sheet metal facility requires investments in modular and scalable hardware for automated handling machines and systems for storage.

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Experience… in the Realm of Absolute Quality

Visiting the Rizzato company in Camposanpietro in the province of Padua has been an elixir for lifting the spirits!

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ACP, Inc. | Prima Power PowerLine Magazine

Changing the Way the World Cooks

ACP, Inc., Cedar Rapids, IA, manufactures a full line of commercial high-speed cooking equipment carrying the Amana and Menumaster brands. The first counter top commercial microwave oven was introduced over 50 years ago under the Amana brand. The Menumaster Jetwave™, one of the first high-speed combination ovens on the market, was introduced nearly 20 years ago. Today, both Amana and Menumaster remain the recognized leaders of commercial microwave ovens and high-speed cooking solutions.

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Laser Innovations | CNC-West

Platino Fiber Laser Makes the Cut At West Coast Job Shop

Laser Innovations purchased the Prima Power 4000 Watt Platino Fiber Laser with a 3-station tower. The laser was installed in March, 2015, and the tower was installed a few months later. The Platino Fiber Laser cutting machine is the perfect balance of innovation and experience. This product combines state-of-the-art efficient and ecological fiber laser technology, with the proven reliability and flexibility of the Platino platform. It is the right choice for sheet metal manufacturers looking for a production tool.

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Richards-Wilcox, Inc. | The Fabricator & Prima Power PowerLine

Fiber Laser & FastBend Spark Product Redesign Savings

Richards-Wilcox Inc., Aurora, IL, traces its history to 1880, and is one of the longest continuously operated factories in the Chicago area. The company began in business as a manufacturer of hinges and flat track sliding door hardware systems for stables, barns, and garages. Prima Power Platino Fiber Laser and Fast Bend

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Jamco Products Inc | Metal Forming

A Quick-Ship Prototype/Fabrication Plan

Purchasing the eP press brake gave us increased productivity and increased flexibility in what we can bend. We can now bend the more complex parts. The Prima Power eP press brake also gave us flexibility in how we were going to bend product, where we could bend product, and the speed in which we could bend it. We now achieve tighter tolerances. The tighter you can make your parts, the easier it is for the welders which translates into higher productivity.

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Philips Ledalite | Shop Metalworking Technology

Punching on Demand: Just-in-time delivery model drives need for modern fabricating technology

Over the years, Philips Ledalite’s commitment to design innovation and sustainable design has consistently been recognized by multiple international design and innovation awards, including the highly coveted iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Philips Design is widely recognized as a leader in people-centric design. In 2012, it won over 120 key design awards in the areas of product, communication, and innovation design.

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Yorkville Sound | MP&P

Vertical integration helps quality control at Yorkville Sound

The efficiencies that Yorkville Sound has gained with the E5x, compared to the old turret punch have been impressive. Many products increased 40% - 100% in productivity. "We can run now full-sized sheets without repositioning and the end result is that the products are coming off the machine more efficiently by reducing our actual punch time. The quality of the products has also increased dramatically".

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Mode Industries | Laser Technology

Expanding Potential Evolving Technology Helps Family Job Shop Compete

"It's been a good ride with Prima Power," concludes David Weber. "Every time we have approached them with questions they have come right back with answers and are helpful at every step."

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MAI S.r.l. | PowerLine

Automation – A Game Changer for Italian Manufacturer

The company's strengh is the high level of automation achieved by highly sophisticated equipment and software, which make it possible to meet the various customer requirements in a short time.

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Fuzzy's Radiator | FFJournal

Bring on the lasers

I am happy with every aspect of Prima. They did everything they said they were going to do, and have gone out their way to take care of us. The machines are dependable. Our personnel had no problem learning how to operate the lasers. The Platino lasers were our ticket that allowed us to compete in the marketplace. They literally changed our operation overnight.”

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Altec Body Manufacturing | The FABRICATOR

Controlling its own fabricating future

Truck body manufacturer adds equipment to stay on top of increasing business opportunities

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Nuova Stame | Tecnologie meccaniche

Rapido cut

The production chain of printed sheets identifies the weak link in the pieces cutting, as it represents the slowest processing phase. Nuova Stame has found a solution to this problem by using Rapido, the CO2 laser cutting machine by Prima Power.

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Veneta Stampi Sas - Italia | Tecnologie meccaniche

Laser is the answer

Working with automotive giants is a privilege for few: the short timelines, tight tolerances and low costs put a strain on the ability of companies. The Veneta Stampi Group found an answer to all these needs in the Rapido laser cutting machines of Prima Power.

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Sub-Zero, Inc | Metal Forming

Sub-Zero Warms Up to Flexible Fabrication

Customer Comments “Large parts requiring multiple tooling changeovers for forming have been moved to the EBe and roughly give an 800% improvement in productivity, while reducing the ergonomics of forming large parts on traditional press brake tooling. The Shear Genius has provided significant improvements in cutting, punching, and palletizing parts that previously would have required multiple routings and operations to be done on one machine center.”

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Five Seasons Comfort Ltd.(Concord, Ontario, Canada) | Canadian Industrial Machinery (CIM)

Building a Better Box

Customer Comments “The Fast Bend literally works the operator through the bend sequences. You no longer need a highly-skilled operator to run the machine, and we can now make the part much faster with a higher degree of accuracy and quality.”

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PTMW Inc | Metal Forming

Railroad Equipment OEM Says “I Think I Can”

Customer Comments “The equipment helped us gain our independence and has set the path for determining our own destiny. The technology in that Night Train® changed our world of manufacturing.”

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Data-Matique (Garland, TX, USA) | CNC-West

Winning with Technology & Service

Customer Comments “Faster, better, with less labor is the new mantra of the precision sheet metal industry these days. And that’s what we are doing with the Prima Power LP. We are running parts faster, with more precision, and we are using less labor to produce the parts. The LP has allowed us to reduce our costs and be more competitive in the marketplace.”

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Alto-Sham Inc., (Menomonee Falls, WI, USA) | The Fabricator

Sick of Setup Time

Customer Comments “The Fast Bend was one of the tools that we were able to use to improve our product part quality. The Fast Bend is a machine solution for lean operation.”

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Avio - Italy | Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing

Keeping a Laser-Like Focus on Remaining a Top Gun

The multiaxis Laserdyne 430BD from Prima Power Laserdyne LLC (Champlin, MN), was chosen by Avio to help open new aerospace design and manufacturing possibilities for laser cutting, drilling and welding.

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P | MeTallerie

P. Lemmens Company takes the Night Train into the future

P.Lemmens Company designs and manufactures direct drive centrifugal fans. Recently, they made an investment of two million euros in a fully automatic line of punching, cutting and bending by Prima Power. The need for increased manufacturing capacity and efficient production are the main reasons for their choice.

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Night Train from Prima Power

A new manufacturing facility opened in Togliatti, which truly stands for the principles of innovation and technologies of the future.

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Impea (IT) | LAMIERA

Processing sheet metal for agricultural machines

IMPEA has been in the sheet metal cold-forming and assembling business for over forty years and is a supplier to leading Italian and foreign companies in the field of farming mechanization and earth-moving machinery. Its main products are: bonnet panels, mudguards, tanks, platforms, cabs and panelling. For laser cutting IMPEA uses two Rapido machines and one Platino by Prima Power.

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Ace Precision (WI, USA) | Tooling & Production

Complex Laser Processing System — The “Ace in the Hole” for Precision Machining

Multi-axis laser processing is one of the complete spectrum of precision manufacturing services provided by Ace Precision Machining Corporation. What sets this one-stop contract manufacturer apart from others is the depth of its laser processing operations along with large scale capabilities in metal joining, CNC machining, metal forming, thermal processing and much more. Ace Precision laser processes a wide range of materials for long time OEM customers Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Siemens as well as other global manufacturers. Ace Precision's dedication to Laserdyne systems now includes four CO2 systems with up to 8 axes of motion, five multi-axis BeamDirector drilling systems with Nd:YAG lasers, and a shuttle-equipped 2D cutting system.

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Vaccari & Bosi (IT) | Tecnologie Meccaniche)

Subcontractor to the automotive stars

Vaccari & Bosi manufactures many different components, ranging from individual pieces (such as seats for some Ferrari models, characterised by a deep drawing process followed by a laser cutting phase) to complete assemblies (such as frames, including fixture and support equipment). For laser cutting, Vaccari & Bosi has relied on Prima Power for many years.

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Anapoli (IT) | RMO

Storage system, everything revolves around you…

Anapoli is active in sheet metal working for fume extraction systems, air treatment and furnishings. The company has invested in a few years a substantial capital to renew and expand its machinery fleet relying on a prepared and reliable technological partner: Prima Power. Let’s look at the ingredients of this success…

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Fluiten Italia SpA | Applicazioni laser

La “tenuta meccanica”  saldata ala laser

Fluiten Italia SpA, specializzata nella progettazione e produzione di un'ampia gamma di tenute meccaniche utilizzate in applicazioni che vanno dall'energia al trattamento chimico, ha installato un innovativo sistema LASERDYNE 430 a quattro assi equipaggiato con laser in fibra.

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AVT Beckett Elevator Ltd | Shop Metalworking Technology

Elevating fabrication

Ontario elevator manufacturer rises to new heights with 2D laser cutting machine

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CECOMP (Italy) | Deformazione

La tecnologia italiana  sulle strade di Parigi

CECOMP produce i veicoli elettrici per il progetto di car sharing AutolibÕ utilizzando macchine laser Prima Power

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ECCO Manufacturing (Calgary, AB Canada) | Metalforming

Fiber Laser Makes the Cut at HVAC Manufacturer

Customer Comments: “We became sold on the fiber laser. We learned that the fiber optic has fewer consumables, it doesn’t need gas, it’s a newer but proven technology, and it’s perfect for cutting thin material.”

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FIBROTUBI (Italy) | Lamiera

Laser in fibra al servizio dell’edilizia

Una storia di passaggio dal CO2 alla fibra per disporre di un sistema con cui tagliare, con assenza di bave, materiali diversi sia per le canne che per le grondaie o le coperture metalliche.

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Siemens Industry Automation Division (West Chicago, IL, USA) | The Fabricator

Out with the Old Batch, in with Something New

Customer Comments: “Prima Power has an integrated material handling system that other equipment manufacturers didn’t offer. With Prima Power we are able to utilize nesting and a Night Train material handling system that is integrated with the Shear Genius punch/shear, the LPe laser punch, and the EBe Express Bender. There has been a substantial labor savings with our new line. We’ve been able to utilize the equipment to eliminate outsourcing. All of our sheet metal fabrication is now done in house. With the equipment that we had six months ago, we wouldn’t be able to produce the output that we are doing today.”

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Componenti HSS - esempio | Tecnologie Meccaniche

The green laser

The design approach aimed at the reduction of the environmental impact is often winning because it can be essential to enhance the industrial added value. Concerning this, an example is the application of laser trimming of high-strength steel components hot formed for the automotive market.

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The Premier Group (UK) | RMO

La regina degli anelli

La Torcia Olimpica di Londra 2012  stata prodotta utilizzando le macchine laser Prima Power, in particolare per la creazione degli 8000 fori che garantiscono un peso contenuto e un'ottimale dissipazione del calore. Un enorme onore per l'azienda di Collegno e una grossa sfida superata con professionalitˆ.

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The Premier Group (UK) | PowerLine

The Premier Group uses Prima Power Laser technology for the 2012 Olympic Torch

Prima Power laser machines used by The Premier Group to manufacture the Olympic Torches for London 2012. Prima laser technology allows high speed cutting of the 8000 holes covering the torch and the welding of the torch parts.

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Precision Laser Processing (Sandy, UT, USA) | CNC West

Laser Systems Lower Labor Costs

Customer Comments: “Once we bought the Prima Power lasers we never looked back. The most impressive feature is the incredible uptime of the Platino machines. They just work every time…all the time. They love to run. The Platino lasers allow us to make a lot more parts per day. The Compact Server and TowerServer have helped us be more competitive because we are making parts lights out. We had 21 employees, we now have 11, and we are making more parts with the two Platino lasers with loaders than we did with five stand alone lasers.”

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Feruglio Engineering (IT) | RMO

Il laser per tagliare… i costi

Con l'introduzione di una macchina laser a fibra per il taglio 3D di Prima Power, la Feruglio Engineering di Tavagnacco (UD) ha ampliato notevolmente la propria offerta di lavorazioni conto terzi di particolari in lamiera, acciaio inox e alluminio, conquistando nuova produttivitˆ e nuovi mercati.

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T.A | MP&P

Betting the house on success

Customer Comments: “What we liked about the Prima laser was that it was really built for our industry. We’ve always been told that you have to treat lasers with kid gloves, and that they are very sensitive to temperature change and a dusty environment. The more research we did with the Prima lasers, we developed a comfort that they would perform well in our facility. In addition, the service from Prima Power has been fabulous. It was a real easy decision to buy the third Prima laser.”

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Artopex Plus, Inc | MP&P

Office furniture manufacturer discovers flexible processing with multiple system

Customer Comments: “When we looked at the EBe bender, we liked the fact that everything was linked together, and you could start with a full-sized sheet on one end and it came out a completed part. In the future, this cell will drive the way our products are manufactured. We can also bend many parts on the EBe that we could not do on the press brake. Last year we did a special product that included table legs with a progressive radius which consisted of 60 hits with the EBe. We could not have made this product without the EBe. We won this job with our Prima Power system.”

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H W Metal Products, Inc | Modern Metals

The Long and Short of Laser Cutting

Customer Comments: “Our purchasing decision was based primarily on the fact that the Maximo could do 60’ products and also do small parts. The Maximo reads the table in a grid system, and then operates in a small grid. The traveling power source allows the cut quality and speed to be the same at foot 60 as it is at foot one. All the competitors’ machines we saw had stationery power units. The Maximo’s quality has been very good. It has allowed us to be involved in specific industries and parts that previously were unavailable to us because they required a laser-cut quality.”

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OMMEC (IT) | Lamiera

Acquisire nuovi mercati grazie al laser

OMMEC Moderna Srl produce strutture metalliche per l'industria del divertimento (es. Coney Island) utilizzando la tecnologia laser Prima Power.

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Lenmak Exterior Innovations, Inc | Canadian Metalworking

Leading edge technology gives Alberta fabricator competitive leg up

Customer Comments: “The line has certainly changed the manufacturing process. We do it from start to finish; from cutting the sheets to bending the final pieces. A job that used to take 20 minutes, now takes a fraction of the time. There’s been elimination of labour costs due to automation and improved operator safety due to the structural integrity of the line, which removes the operator from the process area. There is also a tremendous value to the customer with delivery times drastically cut. What used to take six to eight weeks to deliver now takes one or two.”

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Componenti HSS | Tecnologie Meccaniche

Quando il laser è vincente

I componenti HSS (Hot Stamped Steel) sono sempre più impiegati dai costruttori di automobili per il loro eccellente rapporto resistenza/peso. Molti di loro usano i sistemi laser di Prima Power.

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Vac-Con, Inc (Green Cove Springs, FL, USA) | Metalforming

Laser Line Spurs Productivity Gain

Customer Comments: “This system has proven to be one of the better investments that we ever made. It has allowed us to gain about a 30-35% increase in output. The Prima TowerServer improves our efficiency to quickly produce parts and increases our flexibility by allowing us to store different gauges and types of material. Before we bought the Prima, we were producing about 80 sheets a week off the two plasma cutting centers. Now we are cutting anywhere from 200 to 300 sheets per week.”

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Automotive | Machines Italia

Back in the race

The North American auto industry is recovering and new equipment such as Rapido laser cutting machine by Prima Industrie can increase competitiveness

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Emerson Network Power Liebert Precision Cooling Facility (Columbus, OH, USA) | The Fabricator

Emerson Discovers Flexible & Lean Manufacturing

Customer Comments: “In terms of volume, we can now make a panel every 40-50 seconds. We make approximately 300 parts per shift, running three shifts during the week. To date, our cost savings with the EBe has totaled over $750,000, consisting mostly of labor savings and setup time reduction. Without the Finn-Power equipment, we would not be able to achieve the level of precision and still remain cost competitive in the market today. Finn-Power helps us meet our customer’s expectations for world-class products.”

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Tecnoclima (IT) | Lamiera

Lavorazioni Just In Time

Tecnoclima, azienda italiana leader nel settore degli HVAC, ha scelto le soluzioni Prima Power per la punzonatura e la piegatura automatica dei suoi componenti.

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Simonazzi Remo (IT) | RMO

Il segreto della flessibilitˆà

L'azienda Simonazzi Remo opera nel settore della lavorazione lamiera. La sua carta vincente è il Night Train FMS di Prima Power.

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Avio (IT) | M&A

Luce bollente per raffreddare

Alla Avio di Pomigliano d'Arco, uno degli stabilimenti storici per la produzione di componenti aerospaziali, le macchine Prima Power sono utilizzate per la foratura e il taglio di alta qualitˆà.

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Fiat | The Italian Edge

The machine that produces the parts for the Fiat 500

Prima Power's laser technology is used to manufacture Fiat 500's B-pillars.

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Fiat (IT) | Lamiera

Acciai alto resistenziali nell’automotive

La lavorazione di parti in acciaio alto resistenziale (HSS) nello stabilimento FIAT di Cassino (Italia), dove sono installati 4 sistemi Rapido di Prima Power

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HT Labor+ Hospitaltechnik (DE) | M&A

Alla ricerca della produttivitˆà

HT Labor+ Hospitaltechnik produce strutture metalliche per ospedali e laboratori utilizzando una linea FMS di Prima Power.

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Seconn Fabrication (Waterford, CT, USA) | Canadian Metalworking

“Whatever it takes”

Customer Comments: “When I saw the speed of Syncrono at FABTECH, I was completely impressed. When I went back my shop and I compared the cut speeds to the top 50 % of my revenue, the opportunity for savings was just huge. It’s the right tool for the right job. That’s what is at the heart of the dual machine engineering in the Syncrono. With a small, dynamic and light head for minimum masses and a large head for greater masses perfectly synchronized, energy and production time are all maximized.”

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Aerospace industry | Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing

Enabling more efficient, clearer turbine engines

New processes achieve more consistent cooling holes in laser-drilled components

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First Cut (UK) | Engineering News

New 2D laser cutter able to handle big jobs

Fist Cut explains economical advantages and flexibility of the Maximo laser machine.

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Wolf Steel | Canadian Metalworking

Stoking the flame

Customer Comments: “The EBe has performed very well for us. We have quite a few parts that are dedicated to the bender. We definitely see an increase in productivity compared to the press brakes – as much as 40% on the majority of parts. One part that we run on the EBe is a left hand and a right hand kit part. On a press brake, we used to produce 25 kits a day. On the EBe, we average more than 120 kits a day.”

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Pulverman Precision Metal Components (Dallas, PA, USA) | PowerLine

Pulverman Thrives with Prima Laser Systems

Customer Comments: “We are very impressed with the Prima lasers and the company’s service. Back in 2004, I never imagined having three Prima lasers when we bought the first. Today, I don’t believe we would ever buy a different brand. We are quite satisfied. From a service standpoint, there is high level of responsiveness and a very good relationship that is very important to us. The interaction is there. We also run our machines very hard, as evidenced in our first Platino, which has over 46,000 hours of run time.”

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MBM (IT) | M&A

Lamiere per le navi

Zaphiro di Prima Power installato presso MBM, un importante centro di lavorazione della lamiera specializzato nella produzione di arredi per il settore navale.

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Gualini (IT) | Lamiera

Produttivitˆ e precisione su tutti gli accessori

Gualini Lamiere (Bergamo, Italia), contoterzista nei settori del trasporto ferroviario, energia, navale, edilizio, etc. usa Maximo Evoluzione per tagliare parti "extra large" con velocitˆ e precisione.

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D&R Electronics Co | MP&P

Niche market manufacturer thrives with laser, press brake

Customer Comments: “We chose the Prima Platino because after researching the industry, we found that it had just as many, if not more, machine features than the competitors at a better price. Bang for the buck, it was the best machine on the market. I liked the construction of the machine because it had the cantilever arm construction with the single frame so the resonator sits on top of the machine.”

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Orion Energy Systems (Manitowoc, WI, USA) | The Fabricator

Bright lights, big opportunity

Customer Comments: “From 2001- 2004, we had only 10 models of fixtures. Now that we have the Finn-Power turrets and brakes, we make 200 different models. Finn-Power has given us quality and flexibility in our product line. Without flexibility in today’s market…you’re sunk. That flexibility has allowed us to do our own prototyping, and to get the product through as fast as we can.”

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COSTAN (IT) | Deformazione

Banco frigorifero configurato secondo le esigenza

Costan, il marchio storico dei sistemi di refrigerazione commerciale, utilizza 3 linee FMS di Prima Power.

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Electric Equipment & Engineering Co | CNC West

New fabrication technology

Customer Comments: “We were surprised by the increased accuracy of the servo-driven punch. “We used to outsource the welding of a line of outdoor boxes, and their price tripled in 10 years. With the increased accuracy of the E Compact Express, we were able to redesign the boxes to eliminate welding. We now rivet the boxes together and the holes must match perfectly – and they do. Our cost of manufacturing these boxes has dropped 50%.”

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Combination Machines. Ventilation manufacturer clears the air on higher productiv

Customer Comments: “We liked the punch/shear combination concept. It has improved our quality. Before, we had to shake the parts and contend with micro joints and skeletons. With the Shear Genius, the parts come out to a bin sorted and go directly to the bending operation. This has given us a lot more flexibility and has reduced our finished parts in inventory. Now we only build what we need for production.”

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NU-AIR Ventilation Systems, Inc | Canadian Metalworking

Taming the recession

Customer Comments: “There is a part that took 42 minutes to make on our old turret punch press that now takes just 15 minutes on the Shear Genius. The Shear Genius has cut processing time by 2/3. When you are making 100, 200, or 300 of these parts, the savings are huge. The E press brake has improved our production. It is quick… four times as fast as our old press brake…accurate, and more flexible. The accuracy has really improved the quality of our finished products. And today one person is doing the work of three with the older equipment. The E press brake has cut at least 80% off our bending time.”

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Emmegi (It) | RMO

La tecnologia laser nella produzione integrata

Dal 1988 la societˆ Emmegi è attiva nel settore delle resistenze elettriche e della lavorazione della lamiera, con una produzione in grado di coprire numerosi mercati applicativi grazie alle macchine Prima Power.

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AG BODY, INC | Metalforming

Automated Turret Press Triggers Growth for Captive Sheetmetal Shop

Customer Comments: “With the addition of the C5 Compact Express, we have been able to bring back in-house all of our outsourced sheet metal work, and we still have capacity to run more production through the machine. Combining the use of larger full sized sheets with the upgrade in programming software to the Finn-Power NC Express package, allows the firm to use tighter parts nests--even common-line nesting in some cases. As a result, material utilization has climbed to 80 percent.”

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SORB ENGINEERING (UK) | Engineering Subcontractor

Soaking up the benefits of customised laser cutting

For Sorb Engineering Platino has substantially reduced cycle times and increased productivity. It has also allowed to tackle a much wider range of products.

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A vision of higher productivity through technology

Customer Comments: “As a result of the EBe, we have increased flow, increased quality, less punching, less material handling, fewer part numbers, faster cycle times, reduced floor space for work in process (WIP), and elimination of such secondary operations as spot welding and riveting. The EBe has performed remarkably well, and it can easily do the job of three press brakes. There is no longer a bottleneck in the bending area. The EBe is eating up all the material we can punch.”

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DAY-BRITE LIGHTING (Tupelo, MS, USA) | Metalforming

Day-Brite Lighting Shines Light on Integrated Automation

Customer Comments: “The integrated automated system was the key to Finn-Power over the competition. None of the other machine producers had this capability. Finn-Power was head and shoulders above the competition. The competition had islands of automation, but the Finn-Power’s integration of the Shear Genius and robotic press brake are all tied together with the Night Train.”

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Bergo (IT) | Lamiera

Una forte attitudine alle sfide

Bergo è una società che ha sempre creduto e investito nella tecnologia e nei macchinari avanzati. Un esempio di imprenditoria illuminata. L'azienda spiega i vantaggi della linea PSBB di Prima Power.

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Young and Wood (UK) | Engineering Subcontractor

Flexible laser machine for diverse products

For more than 60 years engineering subcontractor Young&Wood of Harlow (Essex) has manufactured a varied range of components for architectural fittings, commercial buses and the banking industry. A Syncrono laser system by Prima Industrie is installed to keep costs down and remain competitive.

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Fiat | The journal of Machine Tools

Body B Pillar

Rapido Evoluzione used for the processing of a structural component of the new Fiat 500, the B-Pillar.

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Wood Stone Corporation (Bellingham, WA) | The Fabricator

Ovenmaker learns the lessons of fabricating

Customer Comments: “We outsourced $4-million of parts with sub-contractors in 2007. By the end of 2008 we should be doing 90% in-house. In five months, we are halfway to having the system pay for itself. It is already paying for itself in better products and inventory reduction.”

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Nell’ottica del laser

IMPEA è un leader nella fornitura di cofani, serbatoi, cabine, pannelli, etc. a costruttori di macchinari agricoli e di movimento terra.

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Produits Métalliques Bussières Inc. (St.Henri de Lévis, Québec) | Canadian Metalworking

A good marriage

Customer Comments: “Not only have we been able to bring all the laser work in-house from the subcontractors, but the quality is much better with the LP6. In addition, we have the flexibility to use either the laser or the turret punch press. We used to batch manufacture our parts. With the Finn-Power equipment, we nest everything…and this has made us more efficient. We no longer have to shear blanks. With the automation, we can utilize the economies of nesting full-sized sheets.”

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Stevens & Carlotti | Engineering Subcontractor

Laser cutting – the complete job

Established 40 years ago, Stevens & Carlotti has grown to become one of Kent's largest sheet metal fabricating companies. Platino with TowerServer by Prima Industrie increses the company's productivity and throughput.

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Wilco Wilken (DE) | Deformazione

20 laser 3D tagliano componenti altoresistenziali per l’auto

Wilco Wilken fornisce componenti HSS ai principali costruttori automobilistici. Questo cliente utilizza 20 macchine laser Prima Power.

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King Electric MFG | Metalforming

New Turret Press Keys Productivity Turnaround

Customer Comments: “With the old method of production, our cost was $9/grille. With Finn-Power, our cost is $3/grille. We make 60,000 of these parts a year. In addition, the C5 Express has allowed us to bring all of the $250,000 outsourcing to job shops back in-house. That was a plus to the bottom line from the first day the C5 Express was installed.”

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JP Metal (CA) | Industrial laser solutions

A fixture in fashion

One of the most prestigious manufacturers of store fixtures for retail markets, JP Metal America in Montreal, realizes huge cycle time reductions with Syncrono, the innovative laser cutting system by Prima Power.

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Pab Coventry (UK) | Engineering Subcontractor

High speed laser machine helps increase accuracy and throughput

A Prima high speed Platino laser cutting machine, complete with 10-storey automatic work handling system, has been selected by automotive and aerospace sheet metalworking specialist PAB Coventry to increase its manufacturing capacity for high precision profiles parts.

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EPMP, INC | The Fabricator

Staying ahead of the competition with automation

Customer Comments: “In order to stay ahead of the competition, you have to automate. You have to take some additional risks that perhaps the rest of the industry may not be willing to take. When we decided to automate, we raised the bar for the rest of the industry in our area. We can now compete on fabricated parts from Mexico and China.”

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Wesgar Industries Ltd | Metalforming

Artistry in Metal

Customer Comments: “The difficulty in finding qualified manpower in the Vancouver area was very important factor in choosing the Shear Genius. But equally as important was eliminating processes such as shakeout of parts, deburring, etc. Even if manpower wasn’t an issue, to be competitive in today’s market you have to minimize or eliminate non-value-added processes.”

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Brenco | Metalworking Canada

Brenco achieves improved efficiency with new laser system

Platino laser cutting system by Prima Power has significantly improved laser cutting efficiency for many parts at Brenco Industries.

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Laicor Fixtures (Peterborough, Ontario) | MetalForming

Servo-electric press brake hightens accuracy, lifts productivity

Customer Comments: ÒThe accuracy of the E brake is phenomenal. Our accuracy on the E brake is within .003 - .004 on every part. It is amazing, almost to the point where all you have to do is pull the program and you are sure the dimensions are right on the mark. The E brake is unbeatable on small runs. I can make a part on the E brake in the time it would take me to set up the older hydraulic machine.Ó

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Grant Metal Products Ltd | MP&P

Growing pains eased with automation

Customer Comments: “There is a definite labor saving as well, since we no longer have to pre-shear. We’ve used the SG in a light out application where we’ve loaded it and gone home and it is ready for us the next morning. We are now using it for repeat orders – we just pull the file and run the job. In the first five months, the Shear Genius has improved our production at least 20%.”

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Aharon Josef Quality Electronic Packaging Ltd | FF Journal

Flexibility adds capability

Platino laser machine with material handling system allows 24/7 productivity

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Great Lakes Manufacturing, Inc | Modern Applications News

Laser Automation Sparks Productivity

Customer Comments: “When the time studies of the same nesting run came back, Finn-Power’s time was 60% faster than the next best time. It was a massive production improvement. The L6 lasers have allowed us to fully embrace lean/flow manufacturing. It also has allowed us to reduce inventory of the sister company by $1-million in the last 12 months.”

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Special Products & MFG | Tooling And production

Texas-style fabrication

Customer Comments: “Finn-Power is the most responsive machine tool company we have ever worked with. When we work with Finn-Power, we get the feeling they really care whether our machines are running. The benefits of the Night Train include: raw material handling and inventory; work in process (WIP) handling and inventory; output stations to secondary operations; part sorting and stacking; reduction / redeployment of resources; infinite add-on capacity; and a reduction of labor from 24 to 4 persons.”

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Prolind Industrial LTDA | Magazine

Finn-Power Turret Punch Press Increases Quality & Profits

Customer Comments: “The X5 had the best cost/ratio benefit of any of the machines we considered purchasing. We are paying for the machine with the profits that it produces. In addition, we no longer use the services of contract manufacturers. It took only three months with the X5 to bring all the contracted work in-house.”

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BMP Metals Inc | Industrial laser solutions

Expanding the customer base

Customer Comments: “Bringing the laser/punch into the picture helped our people make the transition into laser technology. About 95% of our parts that we put on the LPE require both the laser and the punch. The LPE gives 100% good parts. When the LPE arrived, we called it our Star Wars machine because it did so many things. It can laser cut, punch, nibble, upform, mark, tap, bend, sort, and stack – all unattended, all in a single setup.”

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NU-WAY INDUSTRIES INC | Tooling and production

The new way is advanced automation

Customer Comments: “We had no choice but to adopt the latest in automated sheet metal processing to remain competitive. It’s designed to run 24/7. We gained the competitive edge we were after. Without it, we couldn’t begin to compete.”

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Peerless Electric Company Ltd | magazine assente

Fabrication flexibility in a changing market

Customer Comments: “It would take two people a day to produce a total of 40 parts. By contrast, with the Shear Genius and Express Bender, we have redesigned the unit to be comprised of one piece, and this allows us to produce 120 units per 8-hour shift with only one person. That is a substantial savings. With the Finn-Power Shear Genius and Express Bender we now truly have flexibility and are able to provide better customer service, shorter lead times, and higher quality. We can provide it faster and better than before.”

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