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Covid-19 emergency – Updates

The following are the official communications of the Prima Industrie Group management regarding our company's reaction to the coronavirus outbreak.
Update: 30/05/2020

Sure to welcome you again!

We can finally reopen our Showrooms, Tech Centers, and resume visits to our facilities!

In compliance with the regulations currently in force, we are ready to welcome you in total safety, putting in place all the necessary measures to guarantee your health.

All the areas open to the public have been sanitized and columns with antibacterial gel are available in all our company buildings, in the places where they are most needed. At the entrance of each of our facilities, you will find an employee who will welcome you, measure your temperature, and check that you have safety devices such as disposable masks and gloves, whose use is mandatory during the visit to the company.

Commercial visits can thus resume safely and with renewed enthusiasm, in the awareness that our responsibility is in favor of the whole community.

In order to guarantee the necessary preventive measures and better organize the visit, access to the company is allowed only with reservations through your sales representative or by writing to

Write to us and book your visit.


Update: 28/04/2020

Despite the global emergency situation, Prima Industrie S.p.A. remains fully committed to being constantly active and always close to its customers, whilst in compliance with the necessary safety standards to protect the community. The company, a leader in the high-tech sector of laser and sheet metal processing systems and electronic components for industrial applications, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Prima@Home digital channel, a tool that projects the Group’s communication beyond geographical borders and barriers.

The result of a process developed over the past few years and of the increasingly global dimension of the Group, Prima@Home is the new Prima Industrie streaming platform, designed to offer a complete range of services: from live formats such as events, demos, webinars, presentations and training courses, to live video demonstrations of the Group’s products, and the “on demand” streaming of a wide variety of content.

The new tool, which integrates with the traditional communication channels of Prima Industrie, is able to establish through the potential of the internet, a direct connection with our Technology Centers in Italy, Finland, China and the United States. This allows us to show the capabilities of our machines to our customers and prospects all over the world and to guarantee continuous and efficient assistance, despite restrictions on travel and distancing.

“We are now ready for a gradual new start, looking to the future with optimism and energy and striving further to be quick and innovative in adopting the most modern tools and to be always “Next To You” commented Ezio Basso, CEO of Prima Industrie, who added “Prima@Home is our contribution to a new sustainable restart. We break down the distances and barriers of our Tech Centers to welcome customers wherever they are and at any time”.

In addition to the numerous virtual demonstrations of our products already made or planned for customers around the world, the platform will host the live streaming of the first two scheduled events, designed for a worldwide audience and therefore organized in two distinct sessions during one day, in order to reach customers globally by covering different time zones.

The first event will be held on May 14, with a Virtual Open House dedicated to Systems, in which the operation of the machines and lines located inside a Prima Power Technology showroom will be presented via live footage, followed by a demonstration of the potential and versatility of our software solutions.

On May 28, a Virtual Open House dedicated to the main Prima Power and Prima Additive solutions is scheduled as our second event. This is an opportunity for the Group to be presented through its entire range of products: from laser systems for industrial applications to sheet metal working machines and additive technology – a truly global event in which the Prima Industrie management will explain the innovations and technological expertise of the Group.

With a constant view towards customer support, Prima Industrie is committed to ensuring both the continuation of commercial activities, particularly through video conferencing platforms, and service activities. Thanks to the widespread international coverage offered by a service network present in over 80 countries, the company is able to guarantee efficient field interventions, assessed on a case by case basis and respecting the safety of all employees. Added to this is a vast range of well-proven, phone and online remote assistance services, such as Industry 4.0 solutions to maximize production efficiency thanks to Big Data, along with highly innovative IoT technologies and Augmented Reality.

Website link:


Update: 03/04/2020

In compliance with the Prime Ministerial decree signed on April 1, which extends the restrictions to fight coronavirus for another ten days, our Italian plants will be closed until April 13. This is an additional effort that we must all make to safeguard collective health.

Everyone has to do their part. And it is precisely for this sense of responsibility towards our territory, its citizens and, in the first place, all the health workers who work on the front line to protect our health, that Prima Industrie has decided to entrust La Stampa – Specchio dei tempi ONLUS, their donation for Hospitals involved in the COVID-19 emergency.

Doing our part also means continuing to support our customers always and in any case. For this reason we are available to satisfy any need for commercial or technical assistance. We are able to provide time studies on all our technologies and virtual demos in live streaming from one of our facilities, to be able to bring our solutions wherever your workplace is in this particular period.

While respecting all restrictions, Prima Industrie does not stop. The moment of recovery is getting closer: let’s start working on it, right now!


Update: 26/03/2020

Dear Customer,
The Coronavirus health emergency has entered its acute phase in many countries and we are saddened by the losses that the whole world is suffering.

At this critical moment, our first duty is to scrupulously follow all the rules for the containment of the epidemic that have been put in place in all the countries in which we are present and act responsibly and prudently to ensure everyone’s safety and health. Putting people at the centre of our every decision has always been an essential value for our group and certainly will not fail at a time when everyone’s well-being and health are at stake.

In compliance with these assumptions, our plants in Italy are closed until April, 3rd in order to grant security and reduce the risk of infection. Nevertheless, our group is fully operative in smart working mode and is dedicating the utmost commitment to continue ensuring the continuity of services and support to our customers for any need they may have, even in these difficult moments. The engines of the economy are slowed down everywhere but it is important to keep them efficient and well oiled, also in order to run them at the maximum power as soon as the situation will allow it, we all hope as soon as possible.

This is why we wish to assure that we are here for you and to inform of the many ways in which we can give our support, in full guarantee of everyone’s safety:

Service activities:

  • phone and email support is active in the usual way
  • remote care services are active and particularly suggested in this period
  • in-field interventions are considered case by case in order to grant the safety of your and our employees
  • deliveries of spare parts are available

Sales activities:

  • our sales staff can be always contacted via telephone or email
  • presentations and meetings can be easily arranged online via teleconference platforms
  • visits by our sales staff can take place in compliance with all safety measures
  • feasibility studies and cycle times can be performed remotely

We are at your side to give continuity to your business and to prepare together to seize the new opportunities that will arise as soon as the virus releases its grip.

Together we will overcome the business challenges posed by this unprecedented emergency.


Update: 11/03/2020

As a global Group, after the first news of Coronavirus infections in China we started a series of preventive measures to ensure maximum safety for our employees, our customers and the entire community to which we belong. Our international experience has allowed us to understand immediately that in today’s global society nothing can remain limited to a single country, and we immediately took the restrictions and containment measures very seriously, going in some cases even further and anticipating some indications.

A COVID-19 crisis table was set up immediately, which monitors the situation in real time and on an international basis, to respond promptly to any evolution, and takes a number of measures aimed to guarantee business continuity during the current outbreak.

Thanks to this business continuity strategy, currently, all of our offices and factories are open and operating; the Italian plants and HQs are not affected by the virus and are running at a normal capacity and the Chinese operations are progressively restarting.

Moreover, thanks to this approach, to date, we have not recorded any case of COVID-19 within our group and also the other companies in the group continue to be fully operational, in full compliance with the decrees on containment measures issued by each local government and with the WHO recommendations.

Even in this situation of global emergency, our commitment to always be close to our customers and our sense of responsibility towards them does not fail, rather it is strengthened. This means not only having the utmost attention to their health, but also ensuring the continuity of their business.

Our widespread international coverage represents a real strength in this situation. Despite current travel restrictions, we are in fact able to guarantee efficient field services through our local customer care organizations distributed widely in over 80 countries around the world.

Furthermore, when field interventions are not necessary, we provide a very wide range of remote assistance services, both phone and online, which have been tried and tested for years, which allow us to solve most of the technical issues without the need for physical presence.

The COVID-19 emergency is naturally impacting all fairs and events internationally. Many exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. Even for us important dates were approaching when we would host, as usual, open houses and thematic events in our Headquarters and Tech Center in Collegno (TO). We decided to suspend these events in our HQTC until the situation normalizes. Obviously, we continue to receive customers in small groups in total compliance with everyone’s safety and existing regulations and we hope to confirm the events in the other Tech Centers of the Group in Finland and USA.

Waiting to be able to return to shake hands without fear, we are organizing virtual and innovative formulas to continue to tell you about and show you our technologies, without losing the richness of the interaction and making you live the Prima Industrie experience, wherever you are, in total safety. Keep in touch, we will let you know soon what we are organizing for you.