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Power Line

The Power Line is a publication distributed to Prima Power customers, prospective customers, employees, dealers, suppliers, and friends. The staff of the Power Line will be happy to receive comments and article ideas for future publication.

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14 July 2017

Power Line – July 2017


  • Management Corner: Industry 4.0: A Fascinating New World
  • Customer Profile: Elevator Company’s Productivity Reaching New Heights with Laser Genius
  • Industry Event: Prima Power Hosts Metal Furniture Industry Event
  • Software: Production Management Software Process
  • Customer Profile: Laser-Punch Heats Up Production at KeepRite Refrigeration
  • Product Feature: Shear Genius at 30… The evolution of innovative sheet metal fabrication technology
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Lasers Increase Speed & Quality for Chinese Automobile Parts Supplier
  • Customer Profile: Investment in the Future Pays Dividends for Southeast Contract Manufacturer
  • Open House: Prima Power China Showcases the Latest Product Developments at Open House
  • Tradeshow: Lamiera 2017: Prima Power’s Complete Range for the New 4.0 Era
  • Customer Profile: Platino Laser Helps Italian Agriculture Machine Manufacturer Increase Quality & Productivity
  • Customer Profile: UK Company Discovers New Dimensions in Forming with Prima Power eP-1030 Press Brake
  • New Product: LASERDYNE 606D Users Report Triple Productivity Gains
  • Customer Profile: Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components Using LASERDYNE Multi-Axis Laser Machining Systems
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6 December 2016

Power Line – December 2016


  • Management Corner: Connecting with Our Customers
  • Customer Profile: Fiber Laser & FastBend Spark – Product Redesign Savings
  • Trade Show: Prima Power at EuroBLECH 2016
  • Trade Show: FABTECH 2016
  • Prima Power China Shines During MWCS 2016
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Laser Gives Stead & Wilkins the Cutting Edge
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Machines Allow Tian Xiang to Meet Challenging Goals of Made in China 2025 Plan
  • Customer Profile: Shear Genius Opens the Door to Higher Productivity at LaForce Inc.
  • Prima Power Vision on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Customer Profile: Shear Brilliance Delivers Higher Quality and Productivity to Finnish Manufacturer
  • Customer Profile: Investment in Automation Forms Success for Canadian Manufacturer
  • New Product: The Power of Two: Changing How Turbine Engines are Manufactured
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4 July 2016

Power Line – July 2016


  • Prima Power Management Corner: Welcome to Our New Headquarters & Tech Center
  • New Product: BCe Smart by Prima Power…The Smart Panel Bender That Increases Your Productivity
  • Prima Industrie Opens New Headquarters & Technology Center
  • Customer Profile: Changing the Way the World Cooks
  • New Product: Prima Power Develops Fiber Laser Source
  • New Product: New Look…New Performance
  • Platino Fiber Laser Makes the Cut at West Coast Job Shop
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Automates Laser Cutting At MTI
  • Customer Profile: Close Collaboration Makes Prima Power the Supplier of Choice at PAB
  • Software: NC Express e3 & MasterBend CAM
  • Customer Profile: Punching on Demand
  • Customer Profile: LPBB Quality & Flexibility…Best Solution for Finnish Manufacturer
  • Innovation: Italian Manufacturing Innovation Takes Center Stage at i3 Forum in Chicago
  • Customer Profile: ABB Automates Sheet Metal Fabrication Operations with Prima Power Equipment
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30 November 2015

Power Line – December 2015


  • Management Corner: Three Trade Shows…and a Genius Idea
  • Customer Profile: Diversity & Automation are Keys to Success for Florida Contract Manufacturer
  • Customer Profile: When Laser is Synonymous with Flexibility
  • New Product: Laser Genius… Amazing Performance & User Friendly
  • Customer Profile: Remarkable Results Through Prima Power Investments
  • Blechexpo International Trade Fair
  • FABTECH 2015 & Open House
  • Shanghai MWCS Exhibition
  • Customer Profile: Evolving Technology Helps Family Job Shop Compete
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Night Train Delivers the Ultimate in Automation at Nuaire
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Provides Ideal Climate for Groupe Atlantic
  • Customer Profile: Prima Power Laserdyne Fiber Lasers – A Leap of Faith for Paradigm Precision
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16 July 2015

Power Line – July 2015


  • Management Corner – Together We Grow: Sharing Our Success with Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders
  • Customer Profile – Unison Clears the Air on Automating Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • New Product – Platino 2.0 Fiber: Tailored to Your Application
  • New Facility – Successful Opening Ceremony for New China Plant
  • Product Application – Punch it, Laser-cut it, or Something Else? The Sequel
  • New Product – Laser Next: The New 3D Laser System for Automotive Production
  • Customer Profile – Automation: A Game Changer for Italian Manufacturer
  • Flexible Automation – Flexible Automation in Sheet Metal Processing
  • Customer Profile – Shear Genius Cells Are the Recipe for Higher Productivity at Imperial Cooking Equipment
  • Customer Profile – Flexible FastBend Increases Production in the Land Down Under
  • Product Development – Carbon Fiber Machine Structure: Shear Brilliance!
  • Open House – Finland Hosts Technology Tour and Manufacturing Days
  • Open House – “500th” Panel Bender Celebrated at Cologna Veneta Open House
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11 December 2014

Power Line – December 2014


  • Management Corner – Autumn’s Events: Good Outcome and Positive Mood
  • Customer Profile – Growing Pains Eased with Automation
  • Trade Show – Turning Heads at EuroBLECH
  • Trade Show – MWCS Exhibition in Shanghai
  • Software – EuroBLECH 2014, Strongest Software Presence Than Ever Before
  • Trade Show – FABTECH 2014
  • Focus on Tooling – Mate Precision Tooling’s New Press Brake Line
  • Custcomer Profile – Prima Power Lasers and Servo-Electric Technology Boost Productivity
  • Focus on Tooling – Minimize Errors with New Sheet Marking Solution from Wilson Tool
  • Customer Profile – From the Sheet to Final Assembly
  • Customer Profile – Halton Marine Hosts Prima Power Customer Day in Finland
  • New Product – Prima Power Fiber Laser Now Available in Capacities up to 5kW
  • Focus on Tooling – Wila’s Smart Tool Locator®
  • Customer Profile – Platino Laser Opens Door to New Markets
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9 July 2014

Power Line – July 2014


  • What Makes Us Different – “Next to You”
  • Refrigeration Company Warms Up To Fiber Laser Technology
  • Wilson Tool Introduces V-Series™ Black Press Brake Dies
  • FABTECH Canada Sets Record Attendance
  • Servo-Electric Technology Increases Productivity for Canadian Manufacturer
  • Experience…in the Realm of Absolute Quality
  • Mate’s Versadie™ Optimizes Slitting Operations
  • Prima Power Technology Showcase in Finland
  • CNC-Deephardening® it’s Wila Technology To The Core!
  • Flexibility & Modularity with Prima Power at Giennoise de Chaudronnerie
  • Servo-Electric Equipment Increases Productivity, Flexibility, and Accuracy
  • LAMIERA 2014
  • FinnTec 2014
  • Systemair – Twenty Years with Shear Genius®
  • Maximizing the Bend
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2 December 2013

Power Line – December 2013


  • Tech Tips: Sheet Metal Quality Affects Your Bottom Line
  • Prima Industrie Strengthens Presence In China
  • Altec Automates for Increased Productivity
  • Russian Ventilation Company Achieves a Breakthrough in Production Development
  • Blechexpo 2013
  • FABTECH 2013
  • The Sounds of Quality & Productivity
  • Belgian Company Rides The Night Train Into The Future
  • Mate’s VariBend™ Helps Expand the Use of the Turret
  • Enhancing Your Shop Floor From The Office
  • Franke Foodservice Systems Discovers Flexible Bending with Prima Power
  • Wila’s “American Vintage” Tooling System
  • Distortion-Free Embossing with the Wilson Wheel® Rolling Forge
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31 July 2013

Power Line – July 2013


  • Tech Tips: Maximizing productivity in your Prima Power turret punch press
  • Management Corner: The year of the three birthdays
  • Customer Profile: new opportunities created through flexible automation
  • Prima Power Technology Days
  • Customer Profile: Riding the Night Train to higher productivity
  • Customer Profile: Building a better box
  • Blech India 2013
  • Customer Profile: it all begins with a good machine
  • Product Highlight: Prima Power PSBB
  • Customer Profile: Platino lasers increase accuracy and product line for radiator manufacturer
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31 December 2012

Power Line – December 2012


  • Tech Tips: Long-Term Care Tips for Your Machine & System
  • Management Corner: New Opportunities…New Solutions
  • The Heat Is On – FAST BEND Boosts Productivity
  • EuroBLECH 2012
  • FABTECH 2012
  • Subcontractor to the Automotive Stars
  • Rising to New Heights with Prima Power Platino Laser
  • New Technology & Training Center in China
  • Platino Fiber Laser – Efficient & Flexible: Texas High Precision Job Shop Automates to Boost Productivity
  • Laserdyne Systems Provide Faster Turnaround Advantage to Contract Manufacturer
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31 July 2012

Power Line – July 2012

  • Tech Tips: 3D Editor for Prima Power 3D Lasers
  • A New Organization to Better Serve a Global Market
  • Sub-Zero Warms Up to Flexible Fabrication
  • Premier Group Uses Prima Power Lasers for the 2012 Olympic Torch
  • Italian Technology Roams Paris Streets
  • Platino Fiber Laser Makes the Cut at HVAC Manufacturer
  • E Series Excellence – New Servo Electric Turret Punch Press
  • Office Software: Bridging the Gap
  • Upgrade Brings Energy Costs Down
  • Pioneering a New Way of Doing Electronics
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31 December 2011

Power Line – December 2011

  • Tech Tips for Cell Control Management
  • Meeting the Challenge
  • Advanced Automation Enhances Production Culture at Siemens
  • Acquiring New Markets with Lasers
  • How to Optimize the Performance of CNC Punch Press Tooling in 6 Easy Steps
  • Prima Power Makes an Impact at FABTECH 2011
  • Prima Power Hosts Open House During FABTECH
  • Italian Night@ FABTECH
  • Laser Systems Lower Labor Costs While Increasing Productivity
  • In Pursuit of Productivity
  • Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components with Prima Power Laserdyne
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31 July 2011

Power Line – July 2011

  • Tips & Techniques for the New Punch/Shear Machines
  • Prima Industrie and Finn-Power Become Prima Power
  • Betting the House on Success
  • Tooling Solutions Designed to Help Increase Efficiency
  • Office Furniture Manufacturer Discovers Flexible Manufacturing
  • FABTECH Mexico
  • BlechExpo 2011
  • Got a Deep Part to Bend?
  • The Long and Short of Laser Cutting
  • Creative Solutions for Fabricating Challenges
  • World-Class Fabrication
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